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Let Us Leave A Mark On Your Event

Theme Parties

Help! My child wants a carnival birthday party!

Don’t worry, Natalie Ink. can do it, even a Character Birthday Party, too!

We have many games and booths for carnival theme parties.Whether you are planning a birthday party, pirate or carnival birthday party theme, our team can help provide a fun, worry–free experience that your children won’t soon forget.

Carnival Theme Parties

Bring the fun and excitement of a carnival to your own backyard with our carnival theme parties! From face painting to balloon sculptures, clowns, magicians and we have a variety of games for everyone to enjoy. No carnival theme party is complete with out fun foods, like popcorn fresh from the popper, snow cones and cotton candy. If you’re looking for a nostalgic and unique way to spice up summer entertaining in New Jersey, our carnival theme parties are your answer. Don’t be the last one to miss out on one of our carnival theme parties!

Find out what games are available for your carnival theme party.

A special occasion is something you want to celebrate with everyone and never want to forget, so the only thing better than a carnival party is a carnival birthday party! Forget about bowling alleys or boring movie theater parties, make it an unforgettable day and bring the party to your backyard with carnival birthday party.

Add rides and amusements to make your carnival birthday party even more of an amazing adventure.

Holiday Parties

Details Coming Soon!

Find out more about our prince and princess parties, or make it special with a princess birthday party.

Pirate Birthday Parties

A pirate birthday party will make your child's dreams come true.Our pirate birthday parties offer something for every child. Our team members transform into a pirate and fairy and engage the kids in a range of fun activities, like story telling, facepainting, looking for the treasure, sand art and even dressing up as a fairy or pirate. A pirate party takes it up a notch with a fun and whimsical theme. If you want to experience an adventurous fun filled day, a pirate party is the answer.

Interested in a pirate birthday party? Call to find out how we can help.