Let Us Leave A Mark On Your Event


Let Us Leave A Mark On Your Event

Fun Activities

Spin Art

Our double spin art machine will bring out the artist in you- Drip paint onto the spinning cards and create a work of art as original as the artist doing them.

We supply cards, frames & paint.

2′ x 4′ table needed with one 20 amp outlet.

Frisbee Spin Art

Same as spin art but uses frisbees that kids can take home & play with.

T-Shirt Spin Art

Create your own work of art, that you can wear! Decorate your shirt with a variety of colors to make a great design on your new shirt. T-Shirts can be purchased through Party On or supplied by customer.

Candy Art

The tart art you can eat! Kids get to create their own treats making sand art designs they can eat. This is an activity that can’t be beat. (Ask about our birthday party pack special)

Needs a small table.

Sand Art

Funnel different colored sand into all types of neat shapes. Create different designs with all the colors of the rainbow. Can be done in bottles or necklaces.

Needs a small table.

Cotton Candy

Cotton CandyThis fluffy treat is great to add to any party! Our machine may be rented or made by our staff at your next event. Enjoy!